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Dandelion Parachute Seed


Ten years ago, I was ear-hustling a support group of LGBTQI folx who were prospective adoptive parents.  For over an hour, I listened to folx talk about the home study process, and how terrified they were—and therefore either not able to provide the safety and protection of their familial bonds, or deferring their dreams to adopt children.  I listened to horror stories of social workers who were intrusive, disrespectful, and in many cases, violent with several folx in that room. By that point, I had been writing adoption and foster home studies for several years for child welfare agencies, and since I could write a home study in my sleep, I felt deeply passionate about interrupting the type of experiences that I was listening to.  

Since 2011, I have expanded this work to include consultation for all kinds of folx and all kinds of families, centering the needs of the LGBTQI community who are building family, expanding their family, and transforming their families whether it be by choice or other circumstances.  I provide consultation in the areas of foster care and adoption (public and private), fertility, surrogacy, and second-parent adoption because Queer folx STILL must spend entirely too much money adopting our own children!  

In this work, I have collaborated with a variety of medical providers, attorneys, and agencies over many years and am happy to provide recommendations for anyone who chooses to work with me in this area. ***  

***Please be advised that I am not employed by any agency, attorney, or facility and the recommendations are based on my personal experiences with folx and not because I receive any form of compensation for making said recommendations.   

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